Tanegashima Space Center is called the island closest to the space

Tanegashima Island located in the southern part of Kagoshima prefecture.
It is famous for the Tanegashima Space Center, which is called the island closest to the space.
This time, I went to the Tanegashima Space Center and joined to the tour,
so I would like to introduce you to access and so on.

■ Conclusion

  1. Adults can also enjoy
  2. Car or taxi is needed to go sightseeing in Tanegashima island
  3. Hand-crafted scissors, Tane-basami is endangered.
    This is made in the same way as Japanese sword.

■ Details

There are three routes to enter Tanegashima from Kagoshima: airplane, high-speed boat and car ferry.
The Space Center is located at the southern end of Tanegashima Island,
Tanegashima Airport is in the middle of Tanegashima Island,
and car ferries and high-speed boats arrive at Nishinoomote Port,
which is located at the northern end of Tanegashima Island.
By an airplane, it takes about 40 minutes from Kagoshima Airport.
And by high-speed boat (Toppy & rocket),
you can enter Tanegashima Island from Kagoshima Port in 90 minutes.

Toppy & Rocket is a hydrofoil called Jetfoil, which looks like a normal ship when anchored in a port,
but it floats at high speed while sailing.
It was very comfortable without any big swings.
Landing on water from high-speed sailing has no impact,
so you don’t know when it has landed unless you’re careful.

Click here for the Toppy & Rocket timetable

In Tanegashima, it will be almost mandatory to move by car.
So, it is better to rent a car at the airport or Nishinoomote Port.
This time, I selected high-speed boat, Toppy & Rocket from Kagoshima Port to get in Tanegashima.
And I rented a car called Thor of Daihatsu for an entire day at Orix Car Rental.
After sightseeing, I returned to Kagoshima Port on the last boat.
As we decided to rent the car long time ago,
so the price was not so expensive (4320 yen), with a full day rental.
If you want to make your drive more comfortable while traveling,
I recommend at least a rank above the mini car.

By the way, it takes about 1.5 hours by car from Nishinoomote Port
which entered by high-speed boat to the Tanegashima Space Center.
The tour will starts at 11:00, 13:30 and 15:30.

About tour:

After arriving at the Nishinoomote port at 9:00 by the first high-speed boat,
it takes about 1.5 hour to drive to the Tanegashima Space Center,
so you can arrive just in time for the first tour.
In this case, it is better to have lunch in a car while on the move.
Because the first high-speed boat is early in the morning, breakfast also has some trouble.
There were a lot of people eating in the waiting room before leaving.
This time, I wanted to have some spare time for lunch, so I booked the tour at 13:30.
However,it will end at 15:00, and final Toppy & Rocket leaves at 17:00,
so whichever tour you choose, it would be no margin if you don’t stay in Tanegashima.

There are some restaurants in Tanegashima.
We decided to have lunch at the Minokichi Shokudo,
which we recommended by Master Card Concierge.
As it is a concierge recommendation, it is a homey atmosphere and reasonable price.
Of course the taste was also delicious.

Also, on this trip, as a souvenir, I was looking for Tane-basami which is made in the same way as Japanese sword, but it seems that the stores sold it decreases year by year.
After I had lunch in Minokichi Shokudo, I visited the Tommy market within walking distance.
In Tommy market, the 6-inch Tane-basami is the last one,
and even with the souvenir shop Aoyasu Shoten near Nishinoomote port, 4 of Tane-basami left.
Tane-basami seem to be decreasing even in whole Tanegashima island.
It seems that there were about six factories in the past, but now the remaining is only one.
Tane-basami is almost entirely made by handwork, but the selling price is just around 5000 yen.
I think it’s okay to sell at a much higher price…

Tane-basami which is made in the same way as Japanese sword

Let’s get the story back..
In one time division of the tour, the capacity is about twenty people.
Tour bus will visit three places.
At first, you will be taken to the warehouse where the real rockets that did not go to space are displayed.
The side of the rocket of Japan is orange
because the insulation material blowing directly has a color like that.
You can see many pipes in the rocket.
I was impressed that all of them function and make up as a single rocket.

This is a real rocket

Next you will be taken to the rocket launch site.
It was in a very high security, and we, as a tour visitor, were not allowed to get off the bus.
What looks like far away is like a new launch site under construction.

Current launch site and one under construction

This is the building to assemble a rocket.
If there was a rocket in the this building, we were not allowed to enter the launch site.
The opening door of the building is the world’s largest sliding door,
which has been on the Guinness Book of Records, and has an engine built.

A huge building for rocket assembly

You can see that three blue lines are drawn on the Tanegashima Space Center building.
This is the meaning of sea blue, sky blue and space blue.
It is a unique space center surrounded by a beautiful sea.

Three blue line is a symbol of Tanegashima Space Center

At the end of the tour is the launch control room.
It is the same room as you often see on TV.
Our tour conductor told us that a great man would sit in a nice back chair.
It’s the same in everywhere…

High back chair is for the great man…


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