restaurant ship Concerto boarding in kobe

In this summer holiday, we won a free Concerto boarding ticket for a campaign.
Concerto is a ship in which we can enjoy meals.
Since this was my first time to eat at Concerto,
I would like to leave notes and share information.

■ Summary

・ Parking No.3 of Kobe Harborland umie is less crowded
・ If you make a umie reward card, you can get 1-hour free ticket of the umie parking
・ Concerto can provides antiallergic meals if you order in advance
・ There is little shaking and it makes me feel elegant

■ Details

・Parking No.3 of Kobe Harborland umie is less crowded
The parking lot is crowded near the Concertoport even in weekday
because umie parking is basically free for 2-3 hours,
Furthermore, if you make a umie loyalty card, plus 1 hour free,
If you spend more than 2000 yen in umie, it will be free for another hour.
The umie reward card can be made for 100 yen,
This is more reasonable price than other parkings.
For example, the Times at Meriken Park has no maximum charge
and no free charge by the partnership.
However, because of that, the umie parking lot near umie mall is congested.
So we recommend that you head to P3 parking lot which is little bit far and not congested.

The left side is north. The nearest to the Concerto is P6

・ To the concerto boarding
You can make a reservation of boarding the concerto via the Internet or by phone.

I wanted to ask about the menu, so I made a reservation by phone.
There are 4 types of cruises, lunch cruise, tea cruise, twilight cruise and dinner cruise.
This time, we chose the cheapest tea cruise (14: 30-16: 00 (adult boarding fee 2,200 yen)).
The price of other cruises (both boarding fee and meal fee) is more expensive,
so the time on the ship will be longer accordingly.
For a tea cruise, depending on the season,
the cake set (1,600 yen) can be selected from two types of cakes.
There are also sweets set (2,000 yen) and wine set (1,600 yen).
After all, the price is equivalent to a slightly higher than restaurants on land.
About the children’s menu, curry seems to have been allergic,
The children’s set was also prepared for allergies.
Another option is a la carte in the restaurant for light meals.
In that case, we can pay on board.

The boarding point is located on the first floor of the mosaic.
It’s on the east side of the building, alongside a concerto souvenir shop.
There is a ticket counter and a waiting area.
Tickets will be issued at the ticket counter 30 minutes before boarding.
Credit cards could also be used at the ticket counter.

・ Boarding
When we boarded the ship, live piano music welcomed us.
This time we were guided to a restaurant called Ruby.
The ship is 4 stories high and the ruby ​​is located on the 3rd floor.
The amethyst on the 4th floor was a free seat.
Ruby also had a piano, and it was also for live music.

piano for live music

The cake will be served after departure.
Ruby’s room looks like this.

Blue unusual carpet make us feel celebrity

In the drink bar, there were orange juice, apple juice
and many types of tea bags for Kobe tea.

Drink bar where you can enjoy tea

It seems that there is a passenger who celebrated birthday,
so the piano performance suddenly changed to a Happy Birthday song,
and a surprise production was made.
All the crew members were very kind and they were willing to take photos.

Commemorative wines were sold for the first year of the Reiwa.
The bottle is carved a bit like a sand glass process,
and there is a concerto picture in gold or silver.
There were both red and white wines, for a total of 4 patterns.
Since it was onboard limited sale,
later I looked for it in the concerto souvenir shop of the mosaic, there isn’t the same wine.

Wine sold exclusively onboard. A pattern like a bottle ship

You can see various scenery from the ship.
Kobe Port has gantry cranes which are used when loading containers into a ship.
This gantry crane looks like a giraffe.
The crew explained that it is commonly called Umi Kirin (the sea giraffe).
Umi Kirin can also be seen far away from the ship.

A picture of Kobe Port was also displayed on the ship.

A picture of Kobe Port was also displayed on the ship.

By the way, when we get off the ship, live piano music was played.

when we get off the ship, live piano music was played


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